Forextech inc

  • Status: scam
  • Risk level: 100%
  • Monitored: 85 days
  • Min deposit: $10
  • Max deposit: $100,000
  • Referral bonus: 5%
  • Daily profit: 92.9% - 1.0%
  • Withdrawal: instant
  • Public rating: 3/10

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Investment plans

PeriodProfitMin depositMax depositDeposit back
1 day101.0% on maturity$10$200No
1 day115.0% on maturity$201$1,000No
1 day130.0% on maturity$1,001$100,000No
3 days200.0% on maturity$251$1,000No
3 days220.0% on maturity$1,001$1,000,000No
7 days750.0% on maturity$500$100,000No
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