Aurum bank

  • Status: scam
  • Risk level: 100%
  • Monitored: 896 days
  • Min deposit: $10
  • Max deposit: no limits
  • Referral bonus: 0.5%
  • Daily profit: 41.6% - 0.8%
  • Withdrawal: manual
  • Public rating: 3/10

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Investment plans

PeriodProfitMin depositMax depositDeposit back
21 days15.0% every weekday$1,000no limitsYes
21 days16.0% every weekday$1,050no limitsYes
21 days17.0% every weekday$1,100no limitsYes
28 days400.0% on maturity$650no limitsNo
28 days12.0% every weekday$900no limitsYes
28 days14.0% every weekday$950no limitsYes
42 days5.0% every weekday$500no limitsYes
42 days11.0% every weekday$850no limitsYes
56 days2.75% every weekday$2,500no limitsYes
56 days4.5% every weekday$300no limitsYes
56 days10.0% every weekday$750no limitsYes
56 days1100.0% on maturity$550no limitsNo
85 days1.75% every weekday$1,500no limitsYes
85 days4.0% every weekday$150no limitsYes
85 days9.0% every weekday$200no limitsYes
85 days1700.0% on maturity$175no limitsNo
120 days1.25% every weekday$1,000no limitsYes
120 days3.5% every weekday$125no limitsYes
120 days8.0% every weekday$175no limitsYes
120 days3500.0% on maturity$150no limitsNo
154 days1.1% every weekday$350no limitsYes
154 days3.0% every weekday$100no limitsYes
154 days7.0% every weekday$150no limitsYes
154 days6500.0% on maturity$125no limitsNo
365 days0.8% every weekday$10no limitsYes
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