The most common mistakes you should avoid when investing in hyip programs

The most common mistakes you should avoid when investing in hyip programs

The goal of our project is to protect you from possible loss, when you make deposits on hyip sites. So, let`s consider all the most common mistakes you should avoid when investing in hyip programs.

Believe in project description

There are no forex and successful traders, sports bets, vulnerabilities in payment systems, etc. Think about it – what the point to pay 2-5% a day is, if it is easier to go to the bank and take a loan at 5-20% per year. Therefore, treat hyips as traders or casinos – you can win, but you need to know how.

Try to make money on a bank loan

The biggest nonsense is to take a loan at a bank at 20% per year and hope to profit from this money. As a result, there is a great chance to remain without money and with a debt to the bank. Play for the funds that you do not mind losing as if you`re in a casino!

Guy who lost everything with hyip scams
He borrowed and lost everything in hyip projects

Invest in one reliable hyip project

The most common mistake is to invest all your free money in one project. There must be at least 10 of them in your portfolio (the total amount of money in hyips), so that one hyip site does not have more than 10%. Any high yield investment program, no matter how large it is, may be closed at any moment. The distribution of projects will save you from instantaneous loss of all funds. The more reliable hyip sites there are in your portfolio, the higher the chance to benefit for a week or a month is.

Believe that if a hyip project has worked more than a year, then it is super reliable

It is fundamentally wrong to assume that the longer the hyip works, the more reliable it is. It is the opposite – the one who is at the top of the pyramid is a fine fellow. But you should not hurry too much, study the feedback on the project on hyip forums or in the comments of the best hyip monitors. There are high yield investment programs that do not make payments at all!

Delay the contribution

The other extreme is to follow the project for 2-3 months, read every day reviews, and endlessly look closely. There must be the golden mean. The easiest option is to follow the project using the best hyip monitors.

Do not delay with hyip contribution
This guy often delays his contribution to a trusted hyip

Be engaged in re-investment

You should try to enter a hyip project only once. There may be exceptions, but you should be very confident in the project. You need to clearly understand when the scam will occur.

Save profits on your account

Never save profits on your account. Every minute is important, try to withdraw money as soon as possible.

Invest $100 in a hyip project and hope to get $10 000 in a year

The newcomer thinks that if he invests $100 in the program, then he will have $1 000 000 in 5 years. It is not the case at all! At best, the hyip will work for six months or a year. And never hope for one project. Investing in hyips is a job; you need to be constantly looking for new good projects to expand your portfolio.

Best cash printing machine
This is what best hyip looks like in the opinion of the majority of novice investors

Believe con artist

Con artists are people who say that hyip is a real business that will let you earn millions of dollars and will last forever. Their main goal is to get their referral interest right here, right now in any way and by any means. They do not care if you lose this money or not. They can even offer you hyip projects that have not paid for a long time. They can be found on hyip forums and in the comments on hyip monitors. It also happens that they find you via Skype and start to flog some super program.

Become a depository

A new fashion trend in hyips is to take deposits from project participants, i.e. they must accept and make payments on deposits. As a result, the project will collapse and it is you who will be accused when the investor will report to the police. After all, he has nothing apart from your data. It is especially dangerous if you take money to your bank account or plastic card. Never take money! The admin will run away, and you will bear the blame!

Do not trust anyone; remember that free cheese is only found in the mousetrap. I hope that this list of all the most common mistakes you should avoid when investing in hyip programs will protect you from fatal financial losses.

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