How to use all hyip monitors to predict when scam may occur

How to use all hyip monitors to predict when scam may occur

The most popular question of any hyip resources is when the scam of a certain project will occur. Unfortunately, no one will tell you the exact time and date, so investors have to independently analyze the project. To monitor the high yield investment program, you can use the tools of all hyip monitors.

It is trite to say, but even the admin does not know exactly when the scam will occur. They all lie and say that their project is the most brilliant one and it will work forever. What can I say if the major banks in different countries are closed and no one knows when and why this will happen?

To make it easier to understand how the industry works as a whole, let`s start with the main person, i.e. the admin. Usually it is one person, but sometimes there are teams.

Strategy of admins of all hyips

The hyipforum messages and comments of all hyip monitors show that investors begin to make contributions after the start of the project. The admin spent money on the technical part and primary advertising. He immediately withdraws this amount back to his wallet. Then he works up to peak activity, and when payments begin to exceed contributions or he has enough money on his account, the hyip program is closed.

Admin with the money of investors
The admin with the money of those investors, who did not use a hyip monitor

If you look closely at all hyip monitors, you`ll find some general patterns of high yield investment programs placed on them. We can talk about them.

All hyips can be classified into: low, medium and high yield. The considered terms are relevant if the admin is adequate and not greedy. If not, every high yield investment program can be closed on the first day or after a few hours. A little more about them:

  • Low yield (up to 1% per day): a low percentage is the key to long work from six months to two or three years.
  • Medium yield (1-2.5% per day): 1-3 months. Golden mean! If these hyip programs have instant payment and the contribution is returned together with the deposit, this is an undeniable advantage for them.
  • High yield (from 2.5% per day): it lasts for 1-3 days, ideally it works up to two weeks. It is extremely difficult to earn in these hyip programs – only if you come at the start and stay for a day. Still, there is the risk that the hyip will be closed even before the first payments.
  • Hourly programs: high yield investment programs that pay, for example, every 1 minute. These are very risky projects; the scam may occur in 5 minutes.

Common characteristics of all hyip monitors that are relevant for the majority of high yield investment programs

I think these are the most important items. Technically, all more or less normal hyip programs are good, and many people do not notice these small things. It is not 100% guaranteed that the scam will occur after any of the events described below, but it is better to play safe and not to lose money.

Tales from the admin

The admin is always lying. His only goal is to play for time and to raise as much money as possible. Then – scam. You can often see similar messages from admins on hyipforums and in the reports of the best hyip monitors:

  • Our bank accounts are frozen, the volume of work has been increased and now our payments are severely delayed.
  • We will not pay until all users identify themselves. We need to figure out where a large sum of money is.
  • Yesterday the admin was actively celebrating his birthday, and now he is off for a couple of days. Please be patient and we will not just pay your money, but will also give you bonuses.
  • The hard drive is broken; the history of all payments was there. Please be patient, we will try to fix it as quickly as possible.
  • The admin was reduced to a nervous wreck, he went to work in fast food.

Tales from the admin
"Tomorrow we`ll pay everything" (tales from the admin)

Pre-launch project

Typically, the pre-launch project is accompanied by spam in all directions: Skype chats, hyipforums, and blogs. Everyone is waiting for the opening hour, contributes a large sum of money on the day of launching, in other words, people fill up the project. That`s it. We get the hyip scam. Never participate in such projects!

New super profitable tariff plan

The true harbinger of the imminent scam is if the high yield investment program worked for some time (for example, for a week or two), and it introduces the best tariff plan. The best hyip monitor provides the history of changes of tariff plans of all hyip programs.

Example: the hyip had a plan of 2% per day with a deposit withdrawal in a month. As time passes, a tariff plan of 3% per day appears. Probably, the hyip will be closed in a week.

Everything is simple here – the admin decided to raise as much money as possible before the scam and escape. You should not invest and reinvest!

Problems with payment systems

For the most part, any problem with one of the payment systems causes many negative reports on hyipforums, blogs, trusted hyip monitors and other information resources. Usually there are no problems and the admin is just playing for time in order to get more money. Then he will run away with the maximum amount. It is especially funny to see the messages from the admins of bitcoin hyip sites about the fact that the network is congested and they cannot send money.

Digital currency for bitcoin hyips
Bitcoin is an anonymous decentralized digital currency

The change of the instant to the manual mode is a 100% scam. Delays in payments of large sums of money are a 100% scam. The admin pays the applications for withdrawal of the smallest sums. So, the investors write: "They pay. I know nothing and care less."

Or, for example, the rules of the site provide 24 hours for withdrawal, and you always get your money within 10 minutes after the application. And all of a sudden, you do not get it. It is highly likely that the scam will occur. There are a lot of eggheads on hyipforums and in the comments of all hyip monitors, who write approximately the following: “They do not overrun the time allowed.” This plays into the admin`s hands. He continues to raise money, the time is running out, but there are no payments. This hyip will result in scam.


Sometimes you can read something like “Make a deposit of $1000 and we will give you 10% of the deposit” on hyipforums and in the comments of all hyip monitors. This means that the admin does not have enough money, and he is trying to raise it with the campaign. This is relevant for all hyips.

Tariff plans that are displayed on all hyip monitors

All hyip monitors provide detailed information on the tariff plans of the high yield investment program. The admin should make them up properly. It is extremely important. There may be 5 different plans for a period of 7 days. Can you imagine what the financial burden on the last day will be? The admin will not be able to pay and it the scam will occur.

The plans of rubbish hyips may be ridiculous. Let there be a contribution of $100 that gives 3%, the funds are frozen for 30 days. The contribution of $150 gives 4%; the funds are frozen for 10 days. It is absurd, because everybody will choose the second tariff plan, as it is more profitable. This may be a result of the ignorance of the admin or deliberate creation of a hyip scam. The project will be closed very soon.

There may be a tariff plan with some enormous interest, for example, 1000% on the 15th day. The admin will surely close the project before the X day.

Tariff plans of a hyip program
Tariff plans of a hyip program with huge interest

Opening of trading platforms

Before being closed, a hyip program opens a “store” where you can buy products at huge discounts. You buy a very cheap iPhone, and after a while you see the word “scam” on all hyip monitors in front of this high yield investment program. As a result, you get nothing.

Fake statistics

I have a negative attitude to fake statistics on hyip sites. The admin thinks he is very smart. Only an outright hyip scam is concerned with such nonsense. There was not a single successful high yield investment program with fake statistics.

Look at these fake sums for deposit and withdrawal. They are huge. I`m sure you understand that there are no deposits of $2500 - $5000. People invest $ 1-10 in such rubbish hyips.

A reliable way to check the veracity of the hyip statistics is to view the messages on hyipforums and all hyip monitors.

Fake investment program statistics
Fake hyip site statistics

Excessive interest of an affiliate program

All hyip monitors provide information about the affiliate program of the project. If the hyip pays 30% of the deposits at the first level and 20% at the second one, the investment program has no chance to work for a long time. Because all funds will be spent to pay the partnership and the scam will occur soon.

New Year

The New Year`s Eve causes the greatest burden on all hyip programs. People stop investing money and try to get as much as possible from projects for gifts, etc. In December, there is a huge number of hyip scams. It is the most dangerous time for investing. Think 10 times before you invest anywhere. The analysis of the hyip program must be carried out very carefully after you find the best hyip monitor.

The New Year hyip scam investor
He faced the New Year hyip scam

Hyip attendance

On all hyip monitors, you can rarely find counters that record attendance of a high yield investment program. Try to follow the project using them.

The graph that goes down or the one that stops growing is a bad sign for a hyip. The project does not develop, and therefore there is no inflow of new investments.

Hyip script

Another characteristic of the investment program, which is provided by all hyip monitors, is a script type. It is desirable to be self-written. Normally, everybody uses standard HYIP scripts: H-Scripts, GoldCoders. But if the platform is exclusive, works fast and is not buggy it will be the project`s advantage. These things are expensive, and it is not profitable for the admin to close the project quickly.

There are not very talented admins, who cannot even configure the script properly.

Bad hyip script
Errors in the hyip script

SSL security

Primarily, it is necessary for your safety. The data transmitted to the hyip site are encrypted. This information, as well as the previous info, can be found on all hyip monitors. In order to independently check whether the SSl security is set on the hyip site, pay your attention to the address bar of your browser. If there is a green padlock and the website address begins with https://, then everything is all right. Also, the best hyip sites can be a formally registered company in any offshore area. Then even a Green Bar can be issued. There is a screenshot below of what it looks like in Google Chrome. But this does not mean that the company is real and is engaged in some activity. Just the admin paid extra attention to his project and you can add a couple of points for his cares.

SSL certificate on trusted hyip site
SSL (green padlock) and the Green Bar (the green frame + the name of the company) on the hyip site

Poor design and content

All hyip monitors provide screenshots of the sites of high yield investment programs. Of course, the evaluation of the appearance is subjective, but if the admin decided not to put his heart into the project and it is absolutely worthless – expect a soon scam. The same thing about the texts – they should not contain a lot of mistakes. Moreover, there should be no copying, only unique content.

Cheap hosting

All hyip monitors provide information about the cost of hosting. It should not be cheap. It should provide DDOS protection. It is very important for the project to have a dedicated server; otherwise the first attack will cause the server downtime. Any downtime, even the shortest one, causes panic on all hyip monitors and forums. Soon the project will come to an end in any case.

Let`s summarize

No one will tell you the exact date of the scam. You can only assume the probability of its occurrence, guided by the signs described above. Believe no one, and analyze the information on the high yield investment programs together with the tools given on all hyip monitors.

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